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*blows the dust off*

Hallo y'all! anagramofbrat, formerly kjpepper here. It's Wrestlemania tonight and I was telling people about this comm I used to moderate way back when, and then I came here to check out the macros. Aww the nostalgia!

I went back and fixed all the macros I'd posted before so they work again, and I'm gonna see about a) picking back up the whole watching WWE again (it's a little hard when you don't have cable) and b) posting some f**king wrestlers, in hopes that this comm picks back up for a while. Cause you know what? I've missed laughing at goofy!Randy Orton with the rest of you.
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Newbie alert

Well - hello there,

I'm new to this community and to the wonders of making macros.

So please don't expect anything outstakingly funny behind the cut ( if I'll ever figure out how to work that !@?&%%$ thing ). edit: You can't see them in the preview!! NOW I know.

Let's have a try.

Collapse )

I'm counting on the mods to delete the unfunny ones
( as stated in the user-info).
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